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My Story

I have been a woodworker most of my life, let's say 50 years or so.  For a few years I was serious about ceramics, but as for wood turning on a lathe - these are my formative years, right now - and I expect to continue to learn, develop and refine my craft for years to come. I love wood turning and I am busy with it, in one way or another, every single day!

In January 2019 I left my 35-year career in Human Resources to explore wood turning full time.  It started with an 8-week intensive program at The Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport, Maine.  This is an incredible immersion program at one of the finest facilities in the country.  I have since studied wood turning at Snow Farm in western Mass, the North Bennett Street School and The Eliot School of Fine & Applied Arts in Boston, and the Fuller Craft Museum south of Boston. I so respect the talented instructors I have had. These people love their craft and share their enthusiasm and wisdom with anyone interested in learning - that's me!

My focus is on functional turning, (bowls, furniture, toys, etc.), but I also intend every piece to be a well-crafted work of art.  Of course the wood itself is beautiful, but balance, in terms of weight, grain and form must be pleasing, too.  Most of my early pieces, (the better ones) have been gifted away, the rest have found their way to the kindling box.  Only recently do I feel my pieces are worthy to put up for sale - I will take orders directly through this site or you may also be able to find me in a booth at a local craft show or farmer's market.  Sign-up for my Newsletter and I will share my schedule.

Please contact me directly if you have a specific request or question.  I would be delighted to work on a commissioned piece, especially if you have some special wood or an idea you would like to develop.


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