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My Story

I grew up with eight brothers and sisters on a small farm in the Connecticut river valley. It was a rich and unique experience.  We all had a strong work and DIY ethic, (homemade butter, bread, clothes, tree forts, etc.). I loved making things from wood and had ready -access to the farm's tool shed, workshop and lots of wood!

  My father was into early American furniture and culture which led him to become a trustee of Old Sturbridge Village (OSV) in southern Massachusetts. The family was a frequent visitor there and the kids were mostly given free range to explore on our own.  My favorite exhibit was the Pottery Shed where I would spend much time watching and learning from the potter(s).  

Over the years I dabbled in ceramics, and planned to get serious with it in retirement, but in the late summer of 2018 I had the opportunity to spend a week at Snow Farm in Williamsburg, Massachusetts, learning to use a wood lathe.  By the end of the program I was hooked!  A few months later I decided to "take a break" from my nearly 40 year career in Human Resource management and attended an 8-week woodturning intensive at the Center for Furniture Craftmanship in Rockport Maine.  By the end of this program I knew it was time to semi-retire and I plunged into woodturning in a serious way.

I am fond of saying that I spent part of my retirement plan savings to fund my "plan for retirement".  Now I mostly use proceeds of my sales to keep my tool selection and skills "sharp".  I enjoy attending classes at the many fine crafts schools around. (Snow FarmNorth Bennet Street School, The Elliot School, Fuller Craft Museum, and Peter's Valley).  I am so grateful to the many fine teachers I have had at these organizations. 

By January 2021 I felt my work was interesting and refined enough to start selling at markets and fairs.  I am most satisfied when I can talk to customers about my work - the wood itself and my thoughts about the pieces.  I am delighted when clients want custom work, especially from a family tree or from an interesting piece of wood that they have acquired.   

Recently my wife Judy and I relocated to northcentral New Jersey.  I am delighted that my new workshop is humming again and that I am back into the local art and craft markets. Please reach out to me or come talk and see my work at one of the events I have upcoming


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